When mind fights with heart

I am thinking of him, all the times.

He just says what i expect,

Yet my mind just doing the opposite of my heart,

Mind becomes deaf to hear my heart’s voice,

I wonder what that means and where it would lead,

My mind says, you are under my spell and it is hidden in your memory tracks.

My heart pumps, drastically and says to my mind, “you sleeps in comma, whenever my true feelings flows.”

My heart induced me postivity towards him 

My mind hightlights his shortcomings,

I want to break out of this shell of memories,

When I finally broke the memory, my heart again tries to gel my memory.

I wonder and fall and rise to my own web of mind and heart.

Lateron, I found it is not my mind it is my egocentric thoughts, fear of future, lack of confidence, rattled me and killing me while I am living.

While I live outside, I sees the graveyard inside.


Interview. An inner view of unemployment

Is an interview to judge our 14 + 3 or above years of education or just the 10 minutes clarity answers which favours them? I know it’s technically hypothical question. But the irony is, it’s a tuck of war between the interviewer and the one who is undergoing the interview. Both wants to outwit each other. If both of them is satisfied, then there won’t be any problem on either side and the match would end up in draw with a curvy lives on both sides.

Within this 3 months period, one of my friend haunted for the job. Unfortunately, either she didn’t get through in the last round or didn’t get the expected salary. 

I wonder, where to find the reason and mistake. Atlast, I understood, we live in a planet, where we pay and study for 14 years for basic education. After finishing that education, the institute thinks that their responsibility has been over, after making the ward get through the exam. From that moment, they think that they are not responsible for the ward’s life.

Does it sounds correct? 

I strongly disagree with this type of behavior from the institute. The Government should make it mandatory that the school or the institutes provides atleast 2 month support to clear the wards confusion in taking the career course. I also agree that there are many colleges and NGOs are conducting a free guidence for the students to select various courses. But, in my point of view, only the school knows the strength and aim of the students. So, they also should help the needy. Atleast, it would help 10%  of the future generation to get well paid job or their dream job.

To be continued.. 

Why I hate her

I hate her. And I must say I am not he(male gender and she is not my lover). I have never seen her and I ever want to see her in my life time. Okay, I agree at times, I have searched for her in social media and I admit that I have failed in the attempt of figuring her. My mind has illustrated many images of her face. All I have known about her was, she is from my city and graduated from RMS branch of college and passed in tge year 2013. With this little information, I got so many profiles. My inner version of me, wants to slap right on face. But, till now I have no clues on her.

You may wonder, why I am creating so much drama. Behind all this emotions, there is a strong reason. If you come to know you also join my side and knock out her.

Only time will give solution. Waiting for the right time.

To be continued. 

This is part of the series. 

Untold tale

Sometimes, we know that we are deeply missing someone and we are making ourselves worse and the surrounding things messier. Yet, our unhealthy side so called ego won’t allow ourselves to enjoy the fruit of togetherness. We try to make all other possible ways to work. We keep ourselves busy, make false promise to ourselves that we are okay. 


Eventhough, we make the best out of possible ways to fake ourselves, to busy our life, at the end, we might end up thinking of the past.

Only the fading night lamp knows,

Only the creeking fan sounds knows,

Only the little brightness in the darkness knows,

That we are awake and trying hard not to recap the flaws in our life and hope that it has not happen or happened correctly.

We might run in the race of life or we may try in front of others. But, not always.

Just leave the ego and try to understand the real world inside you. 

Decide yourself, whether to live or leave the world which haunts inside you.