Happy Anniversary 

Yes, exactly a year ago I started this blog with lots of doubt and tons of excitement.

Atlast, it was my instinct, which made me to start this journey.

Yes, it’s indeed true.

One thing, I just want to share is we all have one life and it’s our life. We have the sole responsibility to shape it. So, just do what makes you proud and gives peace of mind.

Happy blogging. Happy journey…

The Bride’s letter


The Bride,

My parents home, 

(Your father-in-law home)

Status: Miss


The Bridegroom,

Your home,

(My father-in-law home)

Status: Mister.

Affectionate partner,

To be continued…

yours loving,(here also its yours)

The Bride.

Hi friends, 

I hope you may like this post. It’s just for fun. The subject of this letter will be released soon. So, stay connected.


Did you forget her?

  “Did you forget her?” , she asked me. I don’t like to talk with you, I shouted back her. Shalu left the place with no words. But, it stirred the emotions, which was long back burned and burden within my heart. I have completely changed myself, trained to control my anger.

2 years back,

I was merely requesting her not to love anyone. Atlast, the only one thing which I had expected from her was not to love anyone and wait for me.

At that time, she accepted. But, later, she started to avoid me. I wonder, whats the problem with her. 

I wish, she would contact me soon, after hearing my success.

To be continued…