Journey of bride search chapter 7

Journey of bride search chapter 7

I am in euphoric state now, and I have no words left with me to express my happiness. And I was longing for such a long time to experience this moment in life and love this moment. My vision and sense got stucked to one name and image and it’s Neha, the lady on whom I had crush. Yes, she is an RJ in a well known radio station. 2 years back, my office was located just adjascent to a mall and John will always have an issue in the parking lot . On one firday, when we returned to take the bike from the parking lot, John got aback on seeing his broken headlight. He started to scream and yell at others and somehow I managed to calm down and convinced him to give an official complaint and we would punish the culprit legally.

The very next day, I went to the mall authority and demanded them the CCTV footage of the parking lot. To my surprise, there was a scoty parked next to John’s Bike. When she tried to take her scoty, she mistakenly hit John’s bike and she didn’t notice that and she just flee the place as if nothing had happened. Adding to the misery and to our disappointment, the CCTV footage has not given the Suspect’s face, as she fully covered her face with black stole and coolers. Silently, my mind started to take revenge on the girl, who had caused 5000 bucks loss to my friend. With 5000 bucks, we might have dined thrice in an 3 star hotel. 

After lots of effect, we thought of caughting the culprit red handed with help of scooty colour which was the only clue left by that girl . John and I were waiting in the parking and to pass the time, we were trying to capture the selfie of ourselves, as we both were wearing same coloured attire after a long time. Our phone betrayed us by blurring our image and focussing on long distance image and without our knowledge there was girl image snapped in our phone. My bestie got irated and tried to click the delate icon. When I noticed the girl in the picture, I tried to turn and see who she was. To my disappointment I can see her rear view as she was rushing towards her office so fastly. I didn’t take it seriously and we simply deleted the image. And John somehow got convinced himself and left the headlight cracker.

After some days, our company got shifted to heart of the city and I never got the chance of seeing her again, except the photo in my trash, whichcwas there without my knowledge for days. My eyes caught the maroon coloured stole photo and  I clicked on the image, it was the same image where John and I took on that day. I just deleted, since the photo clicked the out of focus images clearly and our photos blurly. My sense signaled me to delete her image, wherin my heart skipped its beat when I clicked on the delete button in the trash folder . Later on only I came to know that the girl was Neha and she was one of the popular RJ in her radio station. That night my eyes refused to rest and mind wandered some where. I switched on my phone and this time , I listened to F.M instead of a player in my phone. I waited for an hour to hear the voice of Neha. When my ear listened her voice for the first, I understood why people are so fond of her, her voice has all sort of emotions. It would heal your sorrow, double your enthusiasm, and so on. It has some magic in it.

All these incidents flashed in front of my eyes, on seeing her name and profile. Now I believe that there is some invisible force in this universe which binds all relationship at right time with right person. And, this time, with no hestitation I revealed my decision and desire to marry Neha to my famil and I made sure that they should not interfere in any dowry issues.

I had a feeling that everything after this is going to fine and smooth in marriage journey.

To be continued…. Last episode on its way.

Journey of bride search chapter 6  The train journey

Everyone in my home got excited, except Sierra, the fish which is living just adjacent to my bed in my small cubicle bedroom. I had the weird feeling that only Sierra has the power to understand my mood swings. Sierra is the third generation fish of its ancestor. It was Joe who had incorporated the idea of pet animals in life. I am cynophobic, I rejected the idea of cute puppies in my life. On seeing the aquarium tank in Joe’s house, I got attracted to the bright coloured Sid and Cindy(fish names), the ancestors of Sierra. Initially, Joe is reluctant to give me his pet to me, as he believed I am so arrogant and lazy and I won’t feed his pets on time. But after using my Sentimental weapons he got mesmerized and melted like an ice in a hot sun and as an effect of that he promised me to give his newborn fish after some days. This is how I got Sierra in my life.


I don’t want Sierra to get any heartbreak in my absence, like I had recently. So, I hung my image in all direction so that Sierra will never feel lonely. Sierra has two more additional fans for her, Diya and Jack. They are my niece and nephew. They will take the pleasure of feeding Sierra on time and every time.I don’t want to trap my self in the hell anymore. New place may give new experience,  at least it will vanish my wandering old memories. If everything had gone well, I might have got engaged to her now. But now even the last ray of hope has slipped from my hand.

Before leaving my native, I thought of attending my office college’s family function. Even though he is not so close to me, I volunteered myself to go his home town for his family function just to avoid spending time with my family. As planned,I booked the train tickets to his home land, which would take at least five hours from my native. I made
myself to concentrate on the journey rather on my own thoughts.

Before starting the journey I kept my mobile in airplane mode, just to avoid any unwanted disturbance from John. In short, I want to isolate myself from rest of my world. I plugged earphone to my ears and tried to listen some random songs from the music player. The train stopped his motion after an hour for 5 minutes. I hope it to be a small village station. A group of men in their mid twenties and two women, entered my compartment. I believe that the entire compartment must have noticed their entry, as they all were energetically laughing and giggling each other. They looked like localites and dressed as if they heading towards beach. I wish, I have not noticed the disgusting look from old aged pair, who were probably returning to their house from the pilgrimage.

After 5 minutes, a man with a twirled mustache and beard which he probably had forgotten to shave for past few weeks, neared me signaling something. He started speaking to me, as if he had known me from his childhood. Hi Bro!, do you have a lighter with you? I controlled my anger and replied, a single no to his question. It was surprising for me as he was not taken back for my rude answers towards him. Instead, he gave me a parcel and asked me to hide in my berth for some time. This time, my stare was even more rude and even before words coming out of my mouth, he friend zoned me with his adorably annoying smile. Bro, within half an hour of time, my bestie is going to be twenty six and this is the last bachelor birthday he is going to celebrate with us. For God sake, he is getting engaged next month to his lady love and he will not even bother to attend our calls on his next birthday. In between this conversation, he managed to open the cover of the box, and showed the funny monkey faced caked to me. I took the box and said okay with my emotionless tone. After he left, I felt anger against me. Within this few days, I totally got changed. I feel,completely void and empty inside me.

To be continued.

Journey of bride search chapter 5 (Vacation) 

Journey of bride search chapter 5 (Vacation) 

My Onsite got over and I have to admit these 6 months has changed the perspective of how I see things in life. New place, new work has bought tons of good vibes in my mood board. 

I tried to picture all my moments in my handicam. Even my worst picture grossed many likes in social media. May be, the fancy place that grabbed their attention to click on likes. This inflating likes proves the materialistic life which every one competiting to live on.

This onsite visit not only grabbed the social media’s attention but it extends to my matrimonial site. Trust me, without my knowledge my brother has uploaded my onsite photos to matrimonial id and he not only stops there, he also added my personal number to it.

This all happened after me getting to my native for vacation. And this time they had made their mind to get rid of me to the bride family, who ever bid more than what they expect. They want it to done soon within this 2 months, as their children’s academic year going to kick in after that. So practically, they have targeted me as an entertainer for this vocation.

But I switched to John’s golden words. Don’t take decision after emotional drama and trauma.

So, Somehow I grabbed some false braveness to open the matrimonial site to check, who all have sent request to my id. I got requests from all walks of life ranging from lower middle class to upper class. Girls of different professions, ages, location, interest were also there.

I closed the id after an hour’s search for my eyes to struck and twinkle for the girl of my love. Nothing like in fairytale had happened in it.

I thought of going for an evening road trip with John. So, I tried to call John to know his schedule. After trying 3 times continusly he picked up the call only to say a no, as he had some work at home.

I thought of going myself a small road trip to nearby place. Just then, I got a message from the matrimonial id. The message reads neha is interested in your prfile. Login to see the profile of neha.

My heart skipped for a moment after seeing the name. Also, I doubt how I got the message when I have set my phone to spam the message which contains matrimonial id. 

My heart emotions blind folded my brain’s thought process. I thought of sneak peek the profile.

I can’t believe my own eyes. Everything around me got stuck for a moment. Tears of joy started peeping from eyes with out my sense.

To be continued.


Journey of bride search chapter 4

Journey of bride search chapter 4

It’s busy Wednesday and I got a simple message from my brother that the conversation didn’t go well and the bride’s family is not happy going forward. So, we will search some other prospective bride. The message also has some matrimonial id and password. 

In the mid of the week, a message like this made my mood swings to low. 

Hey, whatsup buddy, why are you so low and dull. As I said earlier, my jeans (John) came to rescue me from my dull life. I wonder, how I would survive my life without a friend like John in an alien land. 

The next 5 minutes went of by letting him know what all had happened and how my brother want me to easily change my mind and want me to gaze all random girls on the matrimonial site.

With the mention of matrimonial site, John lost his mind in excitement. Why are you so dumb, you ediot. Just give me the id, I will check the girls for you.

I have deleted that message and I am not going to participate in this drama anymore. Just leave me alone. Good idea, said John. Celebrate celebate.

Okay, don’t forget to take your wallet when we go that pub.What? Pub? When I said I would go to pub? Yeh, comeon, we are going to single forever and we are going to celebrate our decision. Why are you saving your money, when you are going to be single. All day jolly day, when you are single. 

John, I think you are too crazy. 

No, said John. You are under spell. A spell of your surroundings. You are going live the life for the sake of someone who is not going to travel in all walks of life. May be you will not understand this immediately, but you may think so at the age of 50.

Enough of everything. I am going to abroad for onsite project. So when I return back, let me try my luck of finding my partner.

To be continued.

Journey of bride search chapter 3

Journey of bride search chapter 3

The chilling road ride trip to hill station ended smoothly.As a side effect of road trip, my dusky skin changes to sun kissed skin making me even more darker in colour.

Now, here I am to make my way back to my home to see the brides family. This time I chose to a bus travel which would take an additional 600 bucks compared to the train which I usually prefer to go my home. I gazed the moving huts, bunglows, temples, church, trees, humans, etc., with the motion of my bus. I got woke up with the heavy honk of the bus. I don’t remember when I fall asleep. To my embarrassment, I found saliva leeping out of my mouth. Luckily no one notices in the darkness of the night. I consoled and composed myself that I am very tired than I actually was. I searched for my phone in my backpack to know how much time it would take to reach my place. I am left with an hour. I opened my phone and found that I got 10 messages in family group and 2 calls from my brother. They are discussing about the dowry that they are planning to ask from the bride side. I wonder why people are still sticking to the old customs, where the parents of bride gives dowry hoping that their daughter would be fine and secured and the grooms family would give respect and treat her well. Now, everything has changed. 

Today’s women are doing far great than we think of. They are standing on their own legs and are taking care of their parents too. 

Unfortunately, I have no rights to tell any thing against my family. I was too close to my dad. Thinking of my dad, my eyes got wet with the memories of him. If he was alive, I might tell all this to him. He was the one who married of my brothers. He didn’t ask for any demands from them. Yet, the brides family  gave some stuff stating that it is the love for their daughter. 

Luckily, the tired journey ended and I reached my home. It is already 3 in the morning and found myself surprised to see my brothers waking at this time. Only after 5 minutes, I reliased that there some smoking issue is going through in my home regarding my marriage. They told me not to open my mouth regarding anything when someone asked me anything about dowry and other stuff. My brother was the one who was taking care of bride search after my dad’s death. So I left with no other option other than being numb.

This was the reason why I was so silent when the bride’s family came to my house. Also, I am not sure whether the bride likes me or not. I also have the feeling that, if she had liked me, she might have messaged me on my birthday. Now just to keep my gentleness, I have to keep a silence composure.

The bride family came and left and I am waiting for the result like a school student waiting for their mark sheet.

To be continued.

Journey of bridal search(Truth or Dare) chapter 2

Journey of bridal search(Truth or Dare) chapter 2

It was a right message but from a wrong person.

Oh my gosh! How am I able to forgot this. I got a message from John. It’s almost a reminder message which I have accepted 6 months ago. Yes, I lost to him when we were playing truth or dare with him. I accepted the dare instead of revealing a truth, which was really a safer play at that time. Now the dare scares me more than the truth. My dare message states that, I have to dress like a ramanujam(one who oil and combs hair like innocent and have to wear bifocal specs) and I have to give a chocolate to a new joinee and have to ask her whether she likes him? This is so scary that the new joinee is our new manager. 

I don’t have guts to speak to any girl especially I don’t  like to spoil my career by getting trapped to eve teasing followed by behavioral  dismissal by doing a dare to a new manager. So, I somehow managed to agreeing him to a road trip in exchange of  doing truth and dare. 

John, such a nice guy but extremely naughty especially when it comes to me and my life. Sometimes we don’t know why we give more previlage to our friends than our relatives. 

May be somewhere and somehow I got a feeling that relatives are like ethnic wear, even though we like it, we can’t wear it daily and have to handle it with much care. Whereas, friends are like jeans and casual wear, we can wear it daily with more ease. 

John is more like a jeans in my life. He helps me almost in all tight situation and at times, he is the one who creates it.

Road and ride trip with John.

To be continued.

Journey of bridal search

Journey of bridal search

Today, I’m setting myself way back to where I work and live. It has become my second home as I have been staying there for the past 4 yrs and it is the long gap where I have been separated from the circle of family bonding. At the first starting phase, excitement of getting a first job and moving to new state fascinates me more than the hollow feeling of leaving my family and auro of my native.

There is a nice saying, everything in this world is temporary and it doesn’t show any discrimination to happiness, fondness, sorrow, suffering, etc., When you experience something hard for the first time, you may feel broken, but after enduring it you may not feel that hard. The fact is things have not been changed but you have adapted your pattern of approaching it. Okay no more such gyan.

Now, back to my today’s travel. It’s going to be 50th time back to work place from my native and 7th bride’s family I have met in last 2 years. I have not opened my mouth when the bride’s family came to my home. I tried to maintain ever smiling composure.It has become a part of me and I have adapted to that face after rejections of matching from 4 different brides. The rejection is either from my family side or from bride’s side. Today, my silence also as some other hidden truth. Last week when I finally met the 7th bride for the first time, I didn’t have chance to speak to her. When I get the chance to speak to her my sister and niece used that minutes to speak. I wonder why her family member got number from my sister. Coincidentally my 28 th birthday falls on the next day of meeting her. My simon didn’t help me to get her. Eventhough, I tried to get her number, I didn’t get her number from her family side. 

Last week, somehow my batch mate managed to snoop his nose to my matter and played a fair part by unzipping his mouth to all my teammates via team member whatsapp group. For the past 2 days, I have become hot topic in my friends circle.

Within 10 minutes, I am going to be 28 legally. Every now and then I checked my phone for any sign of messages. At last, I got a beep in my phone.

To be continued.