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When ever we sit and think about our past, our memories keeps flooding in a conveyer belt. No matter what it was, either a good, a better or a best experience it keeps flooding.
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Love vs Broken

When we fall in love, we feel something in heart, some say butterflies in stomach:)

No matter what happens, a pleasant smile crips in lips.

Heart feels light and so we.

24 hours round the clock, we feel energetic.

When we are broken with, we feel something in brain.

Eventhough we get 1 million dollar as a salary, we feel sad and emptiness crepts deep inside your heart.

Our own brain feels ache and heavy.

We often wish nothing should happened.

Eventhough we know that past is past and we can’t edit it, our heart never agree.

Pain and pleasure is needed. Only then we know the importance of everything in life.

Just remember one thing, everything happens for a reason and you are not the only person who is going through this phase in your life. There are many people who are going through there own level of struggles. 

Life, not for lust.

I was changed. Yes, totally. I was not the same person whom I used to be seven years back. I have become the worst version of me. I am not sure to whom I was playing the “tit for tat” play. I don’t want to sacrifice or let my mother’s life detoriate for the sake of the person who just had lust on me and want me shutter in the name of love. I don’t want to be an insane person still anymore. I am just going to be live and let.

I m not speaking to the person now. Its been 4 years now last I have seen that person. Just out of curiosity and because of my guilty feeling, I sent a formal apology letter explaining that I have no interest on that person. But to my shock, I received how are you conversation. I am unaware that it was a bait for me. Yet, that letter made me to confirm that ,the person had only pure lust on me and claims it’s pure love for me.
If someone has pure love, they would never make the person feel unsafe to converse with them. They would stand beside as a pillar of confidence. Their presence will present an aura of happiness. 

If nothing happens, it’s better to walk away rather than locking yourself in the room of guilty. Just remember one thing, you can’t leave one relation ( parents) just for the person who has expressed some irritating non sense desire. Just don’t let your mind fall prey to an animal. This world is big, and remember you are not the only person existing in this world. 

It’s better to flush the affection for the wrong person and start a brand new start of your life. Each new day wants you to be a better version of you.  

So, take responsibility of you and your life. Build an empire and place the crown to your mother. 

Happy 2018

Today, I am taking responsibility for myself. Whatever happens to me, i assure that I held responsible for myself and won’t blame the world for it. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, it’s for better and often to avoid facing the worst. So, hope and faith may sounds the same. But it acts as food and medicine that drives me in odd times.

Just not only move on and grow, but keep watering the inner self confidence. Oneday, it will save you and shows the real you to the world. 

When mind fights with heart

I am thinking of him, all the times.

He just says what i expect,

Yet my mind just doing the opposite of my heart,

Mind becomes deaf to hear my heart’s voice,

I wonder what that means and where it would lead,

My mind says, you are under my spell and it is hidden in your memory tracks.

My heart pumps, drastically and says to my mind, “you sleeps in comma, whenever my true feelings flows.”

My heart induced me postivity towards him 

My mind hightlights his shortcomings,

I want to break out of this shell of memories,

When I finally broke the memory, my heart again tries to gel my memory.

I wonder and fall and rise to my own web of mind and heart.

Lateron, I found it is not my mind it is my egocentric thoughts, fear of future, lack of confidence, rattled me and killing me while I am living.

While I live outside, I sees the graveyard inside.