I am thinking of him, all the times.

He just says what i expect,

Yet my mind just doing the opposite of my heart,

Mind becomes deaf to hear my heart’s voice,

I wonder what that means and where it would lead,

My mind says, you are under my spell and it is hidden in your memory tracks.

My heart pumps, drastically and says to my mind, “you sleeps in comma, whenever my true feelings flows.”

My heart induced me postivity towards him 

My mind hightlights his shortcomings,

I want to break out of this shell of memories,

When I finally broke the memory, my heart again tries to gel my memory.

I wonder and fall and rise to my own web of mind and heart.

Lateron, I found it is not my mind it is my egocentric thoughts, fear of future, lack of confidence, rattled me and killing me while I am living.

While I live outside, I sees the graveyard inside.