Why I hate her

I hate her. And I must say I am not he(male gender and she is not my lover). I have never seen her and I ever want to see her in my life time. Okay, I agree at times, I have searched for her in social media and I admit that I have failed in the attempt of figuring her. My mind has illustrated many images of her face. All I have known about her was, she is from my city and graduated from RMS branch of college and passed in tge year 2013. With this little information, I got so many profiles. My inner version of me, wants to slap right on face. But, till now I have no clues on her.

You may wonder, why I am creating so much drama. Behind all this emotions, there is a strong reason. If you come to know you also join my side and knock out her.

Only time will give solution. Waiting for the right time.

To be continued. 

This is part of the series. 


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