Sometimes, we know that we are deeply missing someone and we are making ourselves worse and the surrounding things messier. Yet, our unhealthy side so called ego won’t allow ourselves to enjoy the fruit of togetherness. We try to make all other possible ways to work. We keep ourselves busy, make false promise to ourselves that we are okay. 


Eventhough, we make the best out of possible ways to fake ourselves, to busy our life, at the end, we might end up thinking of the past.

Only the fading night lamp knows,

Only the creeking fan sounds knows,

Only the little brightness in the darkness knows,

That we are awake and trying hard not to recap the flaws in our life and hope that it has not happen or happened correctly.

We might run in the race of life or we may try in front of others. But, not always.

Just leave the ego and try to understand the real world inside you. 

Decide yourself, whether to live or leave the world which haunts inside you.


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