I wonder, why some people does mundane robot work of waking up in the morning, brushing, flushing, bathing, eating, working, sleeping and once again the cycle continues.

It doesn’t matter, if you’re school or college goer, at least you might try to gain some facts. Yes, I would love to stress the word FACTS.

I wonder why people blindly go to school and college, just to know the facts. At the same time, I also agree that, we indeed should know some common facts to survive in this world.

My question is, are we really bothered about the practical knowledge which we are facing in our day to day life.

Definitely no.

Instead of memorizing the facts, why don’t our education system incorporate us to understand the things.

There are no difficult subjects. We are the one who turns the simple subject to difficult ones.

Okay, let us come to the topic.

Why are we (majority of the people), doing things, jobs without our interest.

Only a few in this world gets the opportunity to showcase their actual passion.

Few people in their life die without knowing their actual interest and passion. Either, they are afraid to take the risk or have doubt on themselves.

When you die, you should be happy that whatever may be the road of life, I drove it with my heart and soul and not bothered about the road jerks, pits and so on, yet enjoyed my journey.