I request all the parents to take this exam honestly, before forcing your ward to take engineering course:

Part A(2 mark questions)

Hint:Straight forward answers only 🙂

1.What is engineering? 

2. Mention different types of engineering?

3. Why are going blindly behind your colleagues and neighbors advise and forcing your ward to take up engineering?

4.In reference to above question 3, why are you not interested to listen to your wards actual aim and desire to take up other course?

5. Do agree with the fact that, the world also wants quality doctors, artists, layers, teachers, professors, politicians, musicians, etc., instead of quantity engineers. If you don’t agree, please explain your ideas.

Part B:

Part B: questions will be released, only if you get pass mark in part A.

To be continued…

Stay tuned to myinsightcom for part B questions..:))

Note: These tests were only conducted to know your wards interest..